Tired of the old curtain clinics with the factory line of treatment tables?

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Tired of the old curtain clinics with the factory line of treatment tables?

In most Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics, there are curtains dividing up many treatment tables where the Physiotherapist or Chiropractor walks in and out seeing multiple people at the same time. You can hear, and smell everything! This leaves little private time dedicated to you, and makes it hard to recover from injuries.

Many old clinics have factory lines of treatment tables filled with patients and the practitioner seeing multiple people at the same time.

Private Treatment Sessions

When it comes to healthcare, privacy is important and we respect that. We understand that parts of your health condition can sometimes be private or embarrassing and the way our clinic is set up allows for you to be able to share this in full confidence. All of our Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, and Dietitians provide private one on one consultations for those in the Asquith, Hornsby, Hornsby Heights and Mount Colah areas so you can feel comfortable sharing important information. This means you get the full attention of the practitioner without them ducking in and out between curtains. No more awkward moments where you overhear the wrong things (or sounds)!

Our clinic in Asquith is a modern, clean, and allows for only one person to be seen at a time.

Long Treatment Sessions

We provide long appointments for our sessions to make sure we have enough time to get through everything. The first session involves us taking a full history on the health condition so we can better understand what it is, and how it is impacting your life. This can take anywhere from 30-45 mins and is the most important session where we can explain everything to you and plan what needs to be done.

Our follow up sessions also take from 30-45 minutes, where we get down to the treatment of your condition. This can involve things like working through the muscles, loosening up any stiff joints, and maybe even trialling some gentle dry needling acupuncture techniques. Once everything is moving well, we have a big focus on building up your body's strength through some fun and challenging exercises. The quick 5 minute in and out style of health care just isn't us and we do actually care enough to spend the whole session with just you!

Our sessions include getting to know about you and your health, and treatment on the same day.

Rehabilitate in a safe space

Recovering from an injury is tough enough as is, and sometimes people need the time and space to do this in private without others watching them. When we do ask you to complete exercises, this will never be leaving you alone in a part of the clinic, but instead we will be there chatting away and making sure you do it perfectly. This is perfect for those who are a bit shy.

We have a mini gym inside our consulting room, meaning you can feel safe to rehabilitate from your injuries with all the equipment you'll need, and no prying eyes from others!

Make the switch to Asquith Health

If you are ready to try a more individualised approach to healthcare without the rows of beds and curtains, make a booking with our Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, and Dietitians at Asquith Health by calling us on 02 8428 0555 or booking in online today.

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