Calcific Tendinopathy - When crystals, toothpaste, and bone grow inside your tendons!

Calcific Tendinopathy is one of the more unusual conditions we see, and occurs when chalk like substances (hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate) start developing into crystals within the tendons of the body. Any tendon throughout the body can be affected, but the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder are one of the most common sites. If this ever has to be removed surgically, it comes out like toothpaste!

James Ritchie
September 9, 2020

Shockwave Therapy now available at Asquith Health!

At Asquith Health, we are now offering Shockwave Therapy to help better manage people with painful tendon conditions. This treatment works by using high energy sound waves that can help break up calcifications in tendons, and encourage the the cells to heal inside. Learn more about what Shockwave Therapy is and the many conditions it can help with by reading our latest post.

Ahmad Amiri
July 6, 2021